Sometimes a movie title tells you everything you want to know. Snakes on a Plane is one such title. And when you find out Samuel L. Jackson is starring you know it’s going to be awesome (at least until you watch it). The other day I can across the trailer for Hobo With a Shotgun starring Rutger Hauer. More awesomeness. So I tweeted Evo Terra and he replied that both of those movies would make a great triple feature with Machete.

Now that title isn’t as descriptive as the other, but I have to agree. If the title had been Angry Mexican With a Machete (which would be an accurate description), that would have been perfect. When I first saw the Machete movie trailer it was a fake movie trailer in Grindhouse. That trailer was recently redone when Arizona passed SB1070. I was more shocked than pleased when I found it was going to be a real movie. A lot of times these movies don’t live up to the promise shown in the trailers, so for you viewing pleasure The Ultimate Triple Movie (Trailer) Feature. Warning. Each trailer more violent and bloody than the previous one.