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Month: February 2010

Chicken and Waffes

I went to Altanta for PyCon this weekend. It’s a huge geek/hacker convention for fans of the Python programming language. I’ve attended it for the past 5 years and have always enjoyed it. I don’t do enough programming in python but it always reminds me of why I should. And yes the language was named in honor of Monty Python.

This was my first trip to Atlanta and the state of Georgia. I learned a few things:

1. It is no longer Carter Country
2. They do not have Billy Beer
3. It’s very cosmopolitan
4. Downtown Atlanta is very conference/convention friendly
5. The wait at the chicken & waffle place is two hours

Chicken & Waffles

PyCon 2010

I’ll be attending PyCon 2010 in Atlanta in a couple of days. This will make my 5th trip to the conference. I started going because I inherited a Zope website. Zope isn’t the best introduction to Python but there you have it. I went because it was the closest I’d thing in price and time to getting more information about Zope. At the same time I got to learn more about Python and how cool it was. My eyes were open to the world of Python.

Although the freelance work I’m doing now is WordPress, I’m looking for opportunities to use Python. I helped to start a user group in Tucson called TuPLE. It stands for Tucson Python Language Enthusiasts. It is a small but very active group. So active in fact. Five members of our little group will be attending PyCon this year. Wow! Last year three of us went.

Super Bowl Sunday

I won’t be watching the Super Bowl today. I think the last time I watched it was in 2000. I’m indifferent to who wins. I have discovered if you like shopping at one of your favorite big box stores, going during the Super Bowl is the best time. The aisle are mostly empty so you can avoid the crowds. It would probably be best to go during the 2nd half. There might be a rush at halftime.

I remember the big hullaboo over the Super Bowl commercials during the dot-com era. EDS’s Cat Herder commercial I think is the best one I’ve ever seen. I don’t know what they are selling, but I love it anyway.

And for those of us who lived through the dot-com bubble, who can forget this awesome E-Trade Super Bowl commercial.

Speaking of the dot-com bubble I lived through it. The company I worked for went belly up. Ironically, they weren’t a dot-com, though they were a web company. They’d been profitable for several years but then they got dot-com fever and expanded without getting the proper financial backing. At least that was what I heard. I wouldn’t have been hired if they hadn’t expanded. The job lasted of all about six months.

During my tenure, one of the employees had been in the process of buying a house. He managed to scrape together the money and then the company went away. He held an anniversary party after the company had gone belly up. Most people showed up. Even the two former owners. At the party, Office Space was shown. There were a few moments during the movie when I could tell one of the former owners was feeling mighty uncomfortable. Too bad none of us got a cathartic release when the company died. At least not like this scene from the movie. Would have felt better. At least for a little while.

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