K.D. Wenworth was the main driving force behind Conestoga, but she had a lot of help. Sadly, she left this world unexpectedly in 2012. One of the reasons for doing the podcast was to help promote the convention. Paul Fischer of the Balticon Podcast inspired me to do one (on a train trip to Glasgow after the 2005 WorldCon) and gave me a lot of good technical advice. So here for posterity are the podcasts recorded at Conestoga 10 and 11. Conestoga 10 was the 10th anniversaries of Conestoga, Yard Dog Press and Meisha Merlin, though technically it wasn’t YDP’s 10th I think it was actually earlier. And Meisha Merlin and Conestoga are no more, but Yard Dog Press is still going strong.

The other four interviews are Melissa Tatum (Program Chair of Conestoga 10), Martha Wells, Lee Martindale, and Yard Dog Press (Lynn Stranathan and Selina Rosen). A special thanks goes to Elspeth Bloodgood for conducting some of the interviews.

Episodes 1-5


Episodes 6-10

Richard Cox, Tim Frayser (Conestoga Film Festival), Snakes on a Podcast, part 1, Snakes on a Podcast, part 2, Stephe Pagel. Meisha Merlin Publishing is no more. It unfortunately, folded the year after this was recorded.

Episodes 11-14 (14 has two parts)

Lee Killough, Mark Shepherd, Maggie Bonham, Melissa Tatum (Convention Programming parts 1 & 2) [Sadly, Mark Shepherd took his own life a few years later]

Episodes 15-19

Margene Bahm (Fan Guest of Honor), John K. Gibbons (JPL Ambassador), Royal Gauntlet Educational Birds of Prey, David Drake & MT Reiten, Keith Stokes (Fan Guest)

Episodes 20-24

I’m restoring these podcasts because we’ve lost a few of these people since they were recorded. James P Hogan passed away in 2010 and Suzette Haden Elgin is no longer able to communicate online. She unfortunately had developed dementia very rapidly. (She has too since passed away)

James P Hogan, Suzette Haden Elgin, Martin (TM) Wagner, Battle of the Toastmasters (Robin Wayne Bailey vs. Bradley Denton, Marty Belsky

Episodes 25-29

MH Bonham, Jody Lynn Nye, Podcasting (with Janny Wurts and Maggie Bonham), Don Maitz and Janny Wurts