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Month: August 2010

My Twitter BFF’s

Here’s the 140 tweet of my BFF’s:

My Twitter BFFs: @kold_news13 @warneronstine @tuckertown @plutoniumpage @ginou10 @underland @oatmeal. Find yours @ http://twitterbffs.com

And here’s the full list (It’s supposed to be a tag cloud):

  • @naomip2robinson
  • @txjogger12
  • @danaseverance
  • @bphuettner
  • @plutoniumpage
  • @beerwars
  • @actionawesome
  • @socratic
  • @pfischer
  • @obiorion
  • @sunny_hundal
  • @oatmeal
  • @ginou10
  • @leftwingcracker
  • @antonvowl
  • @fivethirtyeight
  • @bestchurchofgod
  • @emoontx
  • @cdashiell
  • @shortstack81
  • @tinydoctor
  • @zennie62
  • @badastronomer
  • @kold_news13
  • @tuckertown
  • @legacyb4
  • @underland
  • @lrockwellatty
  • @mutabilis
  • @shoq
  • @jc_christian
  • @briannaroza16
  • @sonorandragon
  • @jamiegator
  • @karmiccycle
  • @warneronstine
  • @qu1j0t3
  • @hannahmontanna6
  • @otoolefan
  • @davewiner
  • @barbiesnow
  • @koralatov
  • @infixum
  • @pzmyers

I don’t agree with all the choices and I have no idea what BFF uses for it’s criteria. I despise the term BFF. It reminds me what a drill instructor said to us in Air Force basic training. “You know who your buddy is?” he asked. “No, sir.” we replied. “He’s the guy who goes off base to town, gets two blow jobs and brings you back one.”

If programming languages were religion

So I was perusing my old Digg comments when I came across one I particularly like. It’s attached to Digg: If programming languages were religions. They’d left out FORTRAN.

Old Programmer: "Don't be too proud of this technological terror you've constructed. The ability to zombify thousands of computer is insignificant next to the power of FORTRAN."

Script Kiddie: "Don't try to frighten us with your programmer's ways, old man. Your sad devotion to that ancient computer language has not helped you conjure up the stolen data tapes, or given you clairvoyance enough to find the Spammer's hidden serv...**gack**

Old Programmer: "I find your lack of faith disturbing."

LJ App

Im glad the LiveJournal App for iPhone has gotten a big upgrade in usability. Does this mean I’m likely to post more? Most likely.

What I like most about the app is I can now read my LJ friends’ posts.

The App still has a ways to go, but it is now reached minimal functionality.

Posted via LiveJournal app for iPhone.

Café Renversé

In a previous post I mentioned a coffee drink called a café renversé (literally spilled coffee). It’s a café au lait with a bit more milk. I managed to recreate it by accident. I think I made a reasonable facsimile. So here’s how if you want to give it a try.

I brewed a medium roast coffee (1 tbsp per 6 oz water). Then I heated a 1/3 of a cup of whole milk in the microwave for 30 seconds. I poured it into my coffee cup. Then I added an equal portion of coffee. I put in a teaspoon of sugar and voila. It’s not made the same way in Geneva but the taste and texture are very close. If you decided to try it, don’t make a big honkin’ mug of it. The coffee drinks in Europe are served in much smaller portions. Maybe fill your coffee mug about 2/3 of the way total.

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