Since WordPress has come along way, I have reorganized the podcasts into three pages, Conestoga 10, Conestoga 11, and Escape from Cubicle 17. These are the podcasts from Conestoga 11. I regret not doing a podcast for Conestoga 12 (George RR Martin was Guest of Honor that year), but because of a change in committee structure that had created some friction I decided in the interest of harmony not to continue. I did do a convention independent podcast Escape from Cubicle 17. Although I had fun doing it real life took over couldn’t devote the time necessary to continue doing it.

Episodes 29-33

Elizabeth Moon, Greg Turner (Game Czar), Rich & Michelle Zellich (Fan Guests of Honor), Suzette Haden Elgin, John Picacio

Episodes 34-39

Deborah LeBlanc,  David Lee Anderson, Safari Sanctuary, Laurel K. Hamilton, Glen Cook, Eric Flint

Episode 40 was also Episode 7 of Escape from Cubicle 17 (Wander Radio)