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Month: October 2009

Joomla vs. Drupal vs. WordPress

If I had my druthers I’d rather be working with Django or Plone, but my clients needs are fulfilled with PHP based systems such as WordPress. I’d push Plone or Django but most low cost web hosts aren’t set up for Python based CMSes or web apps. I’ve played with several PHP based systems: e107, Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress. I’ve got the most experience with WordPress and the groups or clients I’ve set up sites for WordPress did what they needed to do.

I’m not knocking the others but frankly I don’t have the time to get up to speed on those others except in the most rudimentary manner. I’ve invested quite a bit of time in Plone and Django and I’d hate to see that go to waste.

The Peace Prize Trifecta – UPDATE

Below are three links to editorials on why President Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. (See bottom for update for a fourth link)

I was puzzled at first. I knew that this administration had done a lot towards repairing the damage done by the previous administration and to engage the world community again, but didn’t think he’d done enough to be awarded the prize. He was nominated in February, though the vote wasn’t taken until recently. Recipients of the peace prize aren’t always awarded it for what they’ve achieved. They were awarded it to encourage them to continue along the same path.

Congress just approved the largest military budget in history. This administration has continued some of the more egregious Bush policies. So naturally I was a little skeptical of Obama receiving the prize. Peace is never perfect. What actions you may take may be baby steps compared to the magnitude of the challenges, but it is always better to make the effort regardless of the outcome or how little may be achieved. As long as that pursuit of peace is relentless and never gives up, we end up with a better world.

An Open Letter to Americans Who Are Annoyed at Obama’s Nobel Prize (essay)

IAEA Chief ElBaradei on Obama Winning 2009 Nobel Peace Prize (video)

Maddow: It’s Obama Derangement Syndrome (video)

Republicans and conservatives who want America to fail can do one of two things. 1) They can do a rigorous self-examination why most of America has rejected them (secondarily why most the rest of the world has rejected them) and engage the Democrats, liberals, and progressives on what it’s going to take to solve our problems. Or 2) they can wallow in their own bitterness and obstruct anything that might help struggling Americans. There is a third option but I’ll take it off the table 3) To quote Dick Cheney "Go fuck yourself."

UPDATE – Oct 19, 2009

I guess it’s no longer a trifecta. I’ve found one more illuminating piece on why Obama was awarded the prize and why he deserves it. Would it be a quadfecta or a tetrafecta?

‘They are saluting his commitment to disarmament’

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