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Month: August 2008

In Progress

I’m making progress on my Colorado vacation pictures. I have images from Boulder, Fort Collins and Pike’s Peak, a Bujold signing and WorldCon. I’m still processing my pics from the Denver Botanic Gardens and the Cosmosphere in Kansas. I may get around to doing a writeup of the whole experience, but don’t hold your breath.

To Do

make to do list.

I’m debating whether or not to do a long writeup of our trip to Colorado. I did take tons of pictures with our awesome new camera. Apparently I was told that I was hogging it. Uhm…well. I wasn’t trying to. So, here’s a brief rundown:

We drove from Tulsa to Limon, CO then got up early the next day and drove to Boulder, CO. Mel was attending a conference at CU Boulder and met lots of her colleagues at house receptions on Thursday and Friday evenings. Saw the Mork & Mindy house. I had lunch with a step aunt and then we went to dinner at my step uncle and step aunt’s house in Longmont. It was out in the middle of nowhere but had a great view of the Front Range. Then we went to Denver to a house concert with Worldcon Music Guest of Honor Kathy Mar. Monday we drove up to Fort Collins for a brewery tour and a Lois McMaster Bujold Q&A and signing.

Tuesday Mel and I took Tim & Mary Miller down to Manitou Springs, CO and rode the cog railway up to the top of Pike’s Peak. Wednesday WorldCon started and didn’t finish until Sunday. I may do a write up of it later. We had a good time though the hotel had some issues. Mel had to go teach in Reno so on Monday I went to the Denver Botanic Gardens and a Tattered Cover. Tuesday we headed home and stopped in McPherson, KS. Today (Wed) we went to the Cosmosphere in Hutchinson, KS and then headed home this evening. Cosmosphere was amazing. It really is worth going out of the way to visit it.

More later. Or maybe not.

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