I am a freelance web developer. My specialty is empowering end users to manage their own websites.  For this I favor using Plone, Django, and WordPress (though I am moving away from the latter for new websites. I will still provide support for my existing clients who use WordPress). I used WordPress for this website. When it is no longer served up by WordPress, you’ll know I’ve completely moved away from it.

That being said WordPress makes an excellent content management system. It powers a significant number of websites, is well supported by a large community of developers, graphic artists,  plugin developers and theme designers. Many low cost web hosts offer it with a quick setup, and many people can learn to set it up themselves. I can set up and guide you to add your own content and teach you how to manage it. If you do not already have a web host provider I can make a recommendation. Squarespace and Wix are two competing services that are also very popular for the DIY crowd.

Plone is one of the best open source content management systems. It’s not as well known as WordPress. It is used for large websites with lots of content that can be managed by organizations, though it is well suited for small websites and single users. Plone has been used in education, by governmental agencies, and ngo’s successfully. This is a well supported CMS. It’s easy for end users to get up to speed. It has very powerful workflow options and some of the best security you’ll find in any system.

You can learn more about content management systems and which ones are popular over at Capterra (http://www.capterra.com/content-management-software/).

Django is actually a web framework that can be used to build web applications. There are a number of CMSes that sit on top of it such as DjangoCMS, Mezzanine, and Wagtail. Of those three Wagtail is the newest and probably the best.

If you are in Tucson or Southern Arizona and are looking to create a website or wanting to enhance and existing one feel free to contact me. I’m also available as an independent contractor for remote jobs. Please fill out the contact form. Thanks.

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