I did 40 episodes for the Conestoga Podcast and 11 episodes for the Escape from Cubicle 17 Podcast. I used to have a domain escapefromcubicle17.com but I let it go. Episode 40 of Conestoga Podcast is also Episode 7 of EFC17. Hard to believe these podcasts are 9 and 10 years old (as of this update. They date from 2006 and 2007 (and maybe 2008).  I have often thought of doing another podcast but my interests are all over the map and to do a proper podcast I should do it on a regular basis though Hardcore History breaks that mold. Also, my biggest mistake was not getting the podcast up on iTunes. Again I present these podcast for posterity.

I’m presenting all 12 episodes in one playlist. Episode 0 is an intro into the short-lived podcast. Episode 3 is a book review by Mel Tatum and a rant by Selina Rosen.  And Episode 7 is Jack Hosley of Wander Radio Podcast. The rest are Selina Rosen, Joshua Bilmes, Rachel Caine, Tim Miller, Wm Mark Simmons, Gerald Burton, Three Weird Sisters, Bland Lemon Denton, and Howard Waldrop.  I think if you are going to end a podcast after a short run you could do worse than interviewing Howard Waldrop. That is to say it went out on a high note (Thanks, Howard). I had to send him a CD copy of the interview as at the time he did not have Internet access.

I’m eternally grateful to Brad Denton for arranging the interview with Howard Waldrop. This was recorded at FenCon VI in Dallas, TX. As were a good chunk of my EFC17 podcasts.

In all I did 52 podcasts, most for the now defunct Conestoga in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I now live in Tucson, Arizona and spend most of my time doing web development. I’m tempted to get back into podcasting though that world has changed tremendously since I last recorded one nine years ago.