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My Twitter BFF’s

Here’s the 140 tweet of my BFF’s:

My Twitter BFFs: @kold_news13 @warneronstine @tuckertown @plutoniumpage @ginou10 @underland @oatmeal. Find yours @ http://twitterbffs.com

And here’s the full list (It’s supposed to be a tag cloud):

  • @naomip2robinson
  • @txjogger12
  • @danaseverance
  • @bphuettner
  • @plutoniumpage
  • @beerwars
  • @actionawesome
  • @socratic
  • @pfischer
  • @obiorion
  • @sunny_hundal
  • @oatmeal
  • @ginou10
  • @leftwingcracker
  • @antonvowl
  • @fivethirtyeight
  • @bestchurchofgod
  • @emoontx
  • @cdashiell
  • @shortstack81
  • @tinydoctor
  • @zennie62
  • @badastronomer
  • @kold_news13
  • @tuckertown
  • @legacyb4
  • @underland
  • @lrockwellatty
  • @mutabilis
  • @shoq
  • @jc_christian
  • @briannaroza16
  • @sonorandragon
  • @jamiegator
  • @karmiccycle
  • @warneronstine
  • @qu1j0t3
  • @hannahmontanna6
  • @otoolefan
  • @davewiner
  • @barbiesnow
  • @koralatov
  • @infixum
  • @pzmyers

I don’t agree with all the choices and I have no idea what BFF uses for it’s criteria. I despise the term BFF. It reminds me what a drill instructor said to us in Air Force basic training. “You know who your buddy is?” he asked. “No, sir.” we replied. “He’s the guy who goes off base to town, gets two blow jobs and brings you back one.”


Can’t remember if I posted about this before. I probably did on my blog. Anyway, I’m on twitter. You can follow me here: http://twitter.com/clm122704. It doesn’t make much sense at first but it grows on you. It’s been in the news twice now. The first reports of the earthquake in China hit Twitter and now reports about the attacks in Mumbai informed others of what was going on. After email it’s my most used Intertube tool.

UpdateDopey me I did post about it here a few entries ago. Yeah, I’m too lazy to even check my previous entries. Meh.

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