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Month: February 2007

Don’t Ask

I’m debating whether or not I’ll just feed my current blog into this livejournal or keep a separate blog here. I could just copy and paste the ones I want to put out here.


It’s an interesting experience getting older, knowing at some point you reach the full height of your physical and mental powers and then begin their gradual decline. I’ve passed my physical peak and now begins the physical gradual decline. Let’s hope it’s a gentle slope. Now I get to experience problems that come with not so much age as it is my genetic predisposition.

I have a frozen shoulder. 50/50 chance of guessing the correct one. It seems that women, diabetics, and redheads are prone to it. Basically, the cuff surrounding the ball and socket become inflamed and limits mobility. It will take months of stretching to restore most of the mobility. I am not female nor diabetlic, but I do have reddish hair. I wonder if a female diabetic redhead is thrice as likely to develop a frozen shoulder.

How did it happen? I strained my arm trying to start a gas powered leaf blower. I must have pulled the cord fifty times very hard. I thought it would heal up. It didn’t. Went to the doctor. He examined my arms and took X-rays. No torn muscles, no damaged bones. All good. It’s not pleasant and can be painful at times, but when I know what ailments friends, family, and acquaintences suffer from, I feel fortunate. The rest of me is in pretty darn good health. I could lose a few pounds again. It sucks when you stop exercising on a regular basis. Your waistline behaves like the imperceptably slow inflation of a balloon.

Update – I went to my first physical therapy session today. He assessed my mobility or lack theirof. Then he worked on my shoulder a bit and then showed me a number of exercises which I did. At the end he hooked up some electrodes and slapped an ice pack on my shoulder. I sat their for fifteen minutes while my shoulder was frozen and electrocuted at the same time. I get to go back a few more times and then I get to do the rest on my own sans electrodes.

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