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Good thing there are no cats on Mars. Curiosity is a nuclear powered rover armed with a laser.

Tonight I watched NASA TV’s broadcast from JPL mission control as they covered the Entry Descent and Landing (EDL) of Mars Curiosity. It landed at 10:17pm MST. We did not know until 14 minutes later whether it landed successfully. Not only did it do so. It sent back a few pictures.

This has been a banner year with all sorts of science events. A partial lunar eclipse, a transit of Venus, and the first private cargo capsule to and from ISS.

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LJ App

Im glad the LiveJournal App for iPhone has gotten a big upgrade in usability. Does this mean I’m likely to post more? Most likely.

What I like most about the app is I can now read my LJ friends’ posts.

The App still has a ways to go, but it is now reached minimal functionality.

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Saturday Mel and I toured Gettysburg. We hired a Licensed Battlefield Guide. He rode around with us in our car and we got our own personal tour of the battlefield. He was very knowledgeable. Pix coming soon. Maybe.

If I feel motivated enough, I’ll do a Balticon, DC, Gettysburg and wedding report when I get home.

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