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iPhone Replaced

When I broke down to pay the $200 to get my iPhone swapped it it went very smoothly. I went to the store, told them what I wanted and they fixed me up. I bought a new case; one that protected all four corners. The other one effectively only protected three. The good news is even if I got a refurb it has a new battery in it, and because I had AppleCare–though I’m not real clear on this–my warranty has now been reinstated and my iPhone still has the added year of AppleCare.

Personally, I think they should have replaced the phone under warranty. Cracking around the ringer/silent switch is a known issue, and I only found out after I replaced it that that switch is also known to break off. I could have spent hours on the phone with Apple to berate and cajole them into doing the right thing, but it would have been an uphill battle. And it probably still would have resulted in my shelling out $200. Not too mention much angrier.

One thing I have noticed with the replacement that some of the apps still start spontaneously, so that clearly is a design problem. I don’t know if the software can adjust the motion detectors not to trigger apps that I clearly did not start. It’s not as common as it was.


It is very cold outside right now. My weather app sex it’s 19 degrees Anyway still learning the ins and outs of my iPhone. Finally figured out how to do special characters. So if I need to type ‘überdørk’, I can.

As a Gaelic learner, I mostly need gràves and accénts, but if I were learning say Spanish, I’d need a tilde (~) over the n as in cañon.

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I do really like my new iPhone. I even found an app that allows me to post, but not view Livejournal entries. I can use Safari for that.

Well today is my last day at TU. I’m off to Tucson, again. I never expected to be going back, but Melissa got a great gig with the U of A law school. I did get a job. Ironically enough not in Tucson. I’ll be working remotely as a contractor for a small web firm in Stillwater of all places. It’s a short term contract, but if things work out I’ll get more work.

The other bit of good news is that we sold our house yesterday. It’d been on the market since May. The housing market isn’t that bad in Tulsa. We made a few missteps that I think hurt our chances early on, but ironed those out.

As for the housing market in Tulsa. It is slowing, but what hurts it is the perception created by the national situation where the housing markets are really dire. For example, the market in Tucson is pretty bad. Not as bad as Las Vegas, California, or Florida. Arizona is pretty high up on the list though. To be blunt the Tucson market was overpriced. As homebuyers, Melissa and I will have the luxury of finding the house we want for a reasonable price.

All in all, I consider us to be very fortunate in this economy. Things could get worse for us, but we are in a good position to weather the storm. As long as the Great Depression 2.0 isn’t worse than 1.0. We can definitely call it the Great Recession.

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