Not so long ago in a city not so far away I started two podcasts, The Conestoga Podcast and the Escape from Cubicle 17 Podcast. The former was for the now defunct Conestoga convention held in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The other was not tied to any convention, but it was more or less the same format. I would interview authors, artists, editors, and fans. In all I did 52 episodes. If you go to the Podcasts page, you’ll see more information about them.

I’m doing this because I’ll be attending LoneStarCon 3, the 2013 WorldCon, in San Antonio, Texas. Chances are I’ll run into some of the people I interviewed. As both and domains are now defunct, this is the only place the podcasts are preserved. I’ve restored all the Cubicle casts, but not all of the Conestoga casts, but I am working on them.