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Month: January 2012


Update—This was originally a page, and I made it my home page yesterday to show my solidarity that SOPA/PIPA need to be stopped. Online piracy is a problem and must be dealt with, but you don’t do it by creating laws that break the Internet and do more harm than good.

The blackout has begun: Wikipedia, Google, WordPress, reddit, and many others.

Click the link below and sign the petition if you want to help



I’ve been using WP-DB-Backup to backup my database for this website, but I’ve always wanted a solution that backs up everything. I think I may have found it in XCloner. It backs up everything and I do mean everything. I have given it an initial test run. Seems to be pretty straightforward. I did get a JSON error at first. Searching the XCloner site suggested I turn compression off. It was off. I did notice that my backup was huge. I found a folder full of podcasts so I excluded that folder, reran it and it went off smoothly.

I’m testing it for a client that also has a WordPress website. The nice thing about XCloner is that you can create a local backup or push it offsite to another server or store in the Cloud (like Amazon’s S3).

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