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Month: January 2012


Update—This was originally a page, and I made it my home page yesterday to show my solidarity that SOPA/PIPA need to be stopped. Online piracy is a problem and must be dealt with, but you don’t do it by creating laws that break the Internet and do more harm than good.

The blackout has begun: Wikipedia, Google, WordPress, reddit, and many others.

Click the link below and sign the petition if you want to help



I’ve been using WP-DB-Backup to backup my database for this website, but I’ve always wanted a solution that backs up everything. I think I may have found it in XCloner. It backs up everything and I do mean everything. I have given it an initial test run. Seems to be pretty straightforward. I did get a JSON error at first. Searching the XCloner site suggested I turn compression off. It was off. I did notice that my backup was huge. I found a folder full of podcasts so I excluded that folder, reran it and it went off smoothly.

I’m testing it for a client that also has a WordPress website. The nice thing about XCloner is that you can create a local backup or push it offsite to another server or store in the Cloud (like Amazon’s S3).

From Exit 0 to Exit 880

“The sun is riz, the sun is set, and here we is, in Texas yet.”

Won’t delve too deeply into our holiday travels just where we’d been. Our journey started in Tucson. Stopped for the night in Van Horn, TX then on to Austin, TX for two nights, over to Lake Charles, LA overnight then up to McKinney, TX for the next three days. Up to Tulsa Christmas day. There for a whole week then to Albuquerque for another overnight stop and then back to Tucson. Got to see a lot of family and friends along the way.

We didn’t drive the entire length of I-10 in Texas as we detoured through the Hill Country to get to Austin and then another state highway to Houston to join back up with it. You enter Texas at Exit 0 in Anthony, TX and leave it at Exit 880 in Orange, TX. All I can say is unless you have to drive it, don’t.

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