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Month: June 2011

The Search

Creating a search engine is hard work. Actually what I’m doing is writing a search query for a book catalog. I had to jump through a lot of hoops to get it where I wanted it to be. Anyway the basic functionality is there. All it does is search by keyword and it’s an AND Boolean search, so all keywords must be present. Though I did add a flag to turn it into an OR search. It’s better than the old search which would only search for substrings. I started to write up a more detailed account but decided that it would be best for my blog. It shows people that I’m talking about my work thus hopefully generating more business.

Space Girl

Great song. Take a trip down Nostalgia Lane of TV and film Sci Fi, mostly TV though. (Note it was flagged as adult. Dunno why. So may have to sign in to YouTube to watch it).


Karine Polwart

Melissa and I recently went on a 10 day musical tour of Scotland with Jim & Susie Malcolm. We had an amazing time. Every night but one our group had a private concert. All of them were good but some of them stood out a little more than the others. One of those was by Karine Polwart. I wasn’t that familiar with her. I’d heard of her and I learned she sang one of my favorite songs, "Follow The Heron". Cathie Ryan has recorded it among others. There were other great performers including Karen Matheson. I purchased her CD Scribbled in Chalk and I’ve listened to it quite a bit. She’s an amazing lyricist. Here’s two of her songs: "Follow the Heron" and "Hole in the Heart".

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