Overall things are going well, but I haven’t posted in a while. I’m still doing freelance web development but primarily supporting people using WordPress. So I will make a quick post. I have a health issue that I’m dealing with I may post more details later, but the rest of my health is good. I’ve been losing weight, walking more, and eating a lot better. Cutting out sweets, eating more veggies, walking more, and skipping lunches seem to be doing the trick. I can do pushups once again. I’d been doing wall pushups, but I knew once I lost the weight I’d be able to proper pushups again. Once I reach my target weight, I’ll start adding lunch in again. I won’t be eating as much sugar as I have in the past, but I’ll be able to treat myself once in a while to a nice desert.

I’m on Mastodon now. I gave up on Twitter after the new owner took over.  You can follow me here: https://mstdn.social/@clmerle