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These are my posts imported from LiveJournal.

LiveJournal (and Dreamwidth) Import

I finally imported my LiveJournal entries into my WordPress blog. I stopped posting on LiveJournal when they changed their terms & conditions. I migrated to Dreamwidth and imported all my entries there. There might be an easy way to import from Dreamwidth, but decided to go straight to the source. I have far fewer entries on Dreamwidth, so at worst I’ll be copying them and creating them manually. I’m in the process of going through those entries and putting them in the LiveJournal category. I added Dreamwidth as a sub-category. My username on both accounts was entp2007, so that’s my tag.

I’ll try to fix missing pictures and videos in those posts.

Goodbye, LiveJournal

LiveJournal has come out with new terms and conditions that are unacceptable. Unfortunately, I had to agree to them to access my content even though I was given the option not to. So no I really do not agree to them because they are make you agree to be subject to Russian anti-LGBT laws. I’ll let Charles Stross explain why this is the shits.

I am in the process of migrating to Dreamwidth. I’m keeping the same username. So you can find me at entp2007.dreamwidth.org. It’s a fairly straightforward process. This account may end up going away, but it will no longer be updated, though I may respond to any comments posted here. I suggest anyone else looking for a new LiveJournal home check out Dreamwidth. It’s made by some of the original founders of LJ.

Tubular Bells

Here’s something you didn’t know you needed to watch. I know for some people Mike Oldfield’s “Tubular Bells” it is one of their favorite albums. I certainly rank it pretty highly.

Vernal Equinox

Today we get to experience an equal number of hours of day and night.

Oh, and our temperamentally unfit man-baby of a president thought it would be a great idea to antagonize North Korea. Have a nice life.

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