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The Third Eye (Tuatara)

Tuatara is a reptile. They live for almost a hundred years and only become sexually mature at the age of twenty. They are only found on some remote isles off the coast of New Zealand. These creatures are a living fossil much like the coelacanth is. They are endangered. The most interesting thing about them is their third eye or what is called a parietal eye. It’s not a fully developed eye but it’s on the top of the and only in juveniles. As they get older it is covered with scales. Other creatures have them.

I’m publishing this blog entry because I’m tired of looking at it in my drafts, and I keep forgetting the name of that damned reptile. It’s not a lizard but closely related. I’m wondering if this third eye thingy somehow connects to our mythical third eye ideas. Is there some basis for it?

More later, maybe.

Jesus H Christ

It’s all The Da Vinci Code’s fault. Christians are up in arms over a work of fiction. Let me repeat that, a work of fiction. I haven’t seen this much protest since The Last Temptation of Christ and The Life of Brian. It’s been said there are more birth defects among Born Again Christians than any other religious group. Think about it.

Take a look at this link.
I’m going to write about The History Channels Banned from the Bible, the Gnostic Gospels, the historicity of Jesus, Biblical innerency (covering Creation and the Great Flood), the Essenes, Buddhism, Alexander the Great, and some dude named Jehoshua Ben Pandira. And I’ll write about Anguipedes.

Note – I’ve begun reviewing previous posts. I’ve noticed a number of mispelled words and poorly phrased sentences. And there are probably grammatical errors as well. I’m not going to worry about it. I may decide to go back and fix them. I’ll most likely just endeavor to write better and more carefully for future posts.

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