At last I’ve posted some of the pictures taken on our Colorado/WorldCon vacation.

Melissa & Chris

This is our obligatory Pike’s Peak snapshot.

Two Hummers and a Bee

Playing with my new camera. It’s a Canon S5IS. There were was a hummingbird feeder outside the 2nd floor of the Pike’s Peak Cog Railway station.

More pics from Boulder,Fort Collins and Pike’s Peak.


There is a story behind this picture. Alas, it’s not very interesting so I won’t relate. All I can say is that it involves zombies. That’s Jay Lake in the fiery shirt in the center. To his immediate right is Frank Wu and to the far right is Keith Stokes. Joe Haldeman is apparently hiding.

More WorldCon Pics

I still have to upload and tag my pics from the Denver Botanic Gardens and the Cosmophere.