Since I will be out of town on Nov 4. I requested an absentee ballot. I did receive my ballot, and I read those instructions carefully. As instructed, I had the affidavit notarized. I was a little alarmed that the instructions told me to use a No. 2 pencil. I did so. I put my marked ballots in the envelope marked BALLOTS, and put that envelope in the envelope bearing the Affidavit, and then I put that envelope inside the envelope marked Outer Envelope. After sealing it all up I walked over to the campus post office. It cost me 59 cents to mail.

I won’t say how I voted, but if you’ve read my posts and comments, you can probably guess who I voted for for president. I will say this: when I saw Sarah Palin’s name on the ballot it was only then that it really sunk in that she was the VP nominee for the Republicans. I had a similar but lesser reaction when I learned that Ahnold became the governator of California. Then I actually visited some friends in the Bay Area, and I realized looking around OMG he’s the governor of this state. I knew intellectually what a disaster she’d be for the country when I learned enough about her, but seeing her name in black and white on the actual ballot I got a sinking feeling in my stomach.

This is an historic election and for many of us will be the most important vote we will ever cast. Regardless of who wins, we Americans have huge challenges ahead of us. With the right leadership we can take on those challenges. With the wrong leadership, we’ll fail. Only you can decide what choice to make.