I amazed every time I watch him. Obama really is a once in a generation politician. If anyone can get us through the troubling times ahead of us, he’s the one. Yeah, that one.

Sure you could vote for a 72 year old war hero (and a four-time melanoma survivor) and a charming but divisive governatrix. And if you think she’s capable of stepping in at a moments notice then I have a bridge to nowhere to sell you.

If Obama can beat Hillary and beat McCain and beat the Republicans, beating the terrorists will be a cake walk.

The next four years will not be easy. America is in for some very rough times and perhaps days darker than anything we’ve seen in the last eight years of this disastrous administration. There will be a difference. If we elect Obama, we’ll have a president who we knows cares about all Americans not just the ‘real’ Americans. (former US Marine and SF author Elizabeth Moon has some thoughts on what a ‘real’ American is). We’ll have a president to inspire us to be better than we are.