I’ll probably end up syndicating my blog into my livejournal account. I’ll rarely post here. I’m not a fan of LJ and I’ve probably written this before and I don’t mind repeating it. LJ is popular and a lot of my friends are using it, so in order for me to participate I have to be dragged into the LJ universe. The same thing happened with me and AOL Instant Messenger. AIM sucks ass, but lots of my friends use it. Whatcha gonna do? Thankfully I use Trillian which lets me use one client so I chat with people on ICQ, AIM, and Yahoo Messenger. So far I haven’t had to get an MSN account though I’ve discovered that I can use Skype to chat as as well as talk.

Back to LJ. I’m here, but don’t check often.

Note – for some reason LJ isn’t letting me save this post. I was even having problems creating it. I wonder if LJ is behaving badly and doesn’t like Firefox. Some websites are shits like that. I don’t know. Don’t care. Save! Damn you. Save.

I can never remember my damn password either. And when I go to reset it it takes 12 hours for me to get an email notification to reset it. Then it takes another 12 hours for me to actually get access again so I can create a new password. I think the reason I can’t remember is they use some retarded formula that I don’t use.