I’m currently a big fan of the programming language Python. It has a great community. I’ve been to two PyCon’s and hope to attend many more. I use to think Perl was the bomb until I started web programming. PHP took care of that. I like PHP but Python definitely has the edge. The problem I’m running into is though I’d like to use a Python based blogging tool or CMS none of the webhosts that I’m willing to pay for support it. Python based web solutions require it to run as a process. Well, can’t do that with this host. Also, if I were to run Plone it’s not supported.

Now I’m learning Django. I was torn between learning Django and TurboGears and I’m still a little torn, but Django has the edge as far as I’m concerned. Neither are CMSes (content management systems). They are web frameworks like Zope which Plone sits on top of. Zope is the 800 pound gorilla of web frameworks. At least in Python anyway. I’m not getting up to speed on Django as quickly as I would like. I’m frustrated for two reasons. Zope has a steep learning curve, so I thought well I’ve already been through this before it should not take quite as long. I have a better graps of Python because of Zope, but the learning curve for Django is steeper than I expected. Also Django is advertised as something you can use to throw a robust website together in mere hours. It’s ready to rock and roll out of the box.

It’s probably just me. Once I figure out Django and get rocking with it I’ll be able to look at other web host providers. The one I’m using is decent but doesn’t support newer versions of Python or Python processes. Also, I’ll be able to get away from PHP. WordPress is awesome and keeps getting better. I think in the long run I’ll be better of with a Python solution but none of the Python based solutions are ready for prime time. At least not for me.

I still have high hopes for Django, but I can always fall back on Plone though Plone is a little heavier duty than I really need.