I know my wife is going to freak out when I tell her. I sent her an email with the first sentence in large bold letters: Mystery is safe and was never really in any danger., but I had to let her know if she walks the dog. We’ve been here a month and this my first encounter with a bobcat.

I was walking the dog home after he did is his business. I saw a bobcat step out onto the side of the road about a hundred yards ahead of us. As soon as I saw it we stopped. It stopped and stared at us. We waited deciding what to do. I was hoping it would move on. It then crossed the road, the center median, and the rest of the road. I waited a minute but not before picking up a hand-sized rock and the dog. I carried him past the point where the bobcat had passed. I think we may have been upwind of the cat. So he may picked up our scent.

I didn’t realize that by carrying Mystery until we got home that the cat would not get his scent from the road. Anway, I kept scanning the brush for the cat. No sign. I kept looking back to make sure the cat hadn’t come back. When I got close to the house, I put Mystery down and we went inside.

The bobcat was about the size of a medium size dog. Bigger than Mystery. I guess we need to read up on the wildlife that we can expect in our neighborhood, coyotes, bobcats, etc. I know for the most part, wildlife avoid people. I’m only worried that maybe next time we might be a little closer should another encounter occur. I know there are coyotes in this neighborhood. I’ve heard them at night. I’m not surprised there are bobcats, either. Plenty of rabbits and huge jackrabbits abound as well as Gambel Quail and chipmunks. The only other creatures that may be potential dangerous are javalinas and I don’t know if they are any of those to be found here.