Perhaps, the social networking tool I use the most is Twitter. I try to describe it as a form of microblogging, but that’s not a good description. To most people it seems pointless at first. At least to me it did, but it grew on me. Well, I think I finally hit on a description that people can grasp and it will fit in the 140 character limit of Twitter:

Twitter is blogging for those with ADD.

You can see what it’s all about and if you want to try it out you can follow me. My handle is clm122704:

I follow a lot of friends and acquaintances. I also follow news, blogs, and some famous people. Though they don’t necessarily follow you back. And that’s OK. Among the people I follow are Neil Gaiman, John Hodgman, Cesar Milan I also follow The Cassini mission.You can even follow Stephen Fry. I did briefly but unfollowed him. I even followed Barack Obama when he was running.

Contrary to popular belief, Twitter is not a bunch of birdwatchers though you can follow the RSPB if you want.