I recently posted a video on my Facebook page. I shared it from a friend who’d posted it earlier. I made sure to acknowledge him by writing “thanks for sharking” in the post. I meant to write “thanks for sharing.”

Sometimes a typo presents you with an opportunity. What does or can “thanks for sharking” mean? Was it a Freudian slip? Could it be a portmanteau of sharing + snarking? No, that’d have to be shnaring or shhnarking. The video was one great big snark. And a snark is an aggressive parody. Usually short and to the point. This really wasn’t that short. And the video in a metaphorical sense smelled an opportunity, blood in the water for something asinine an organization did. It screamed out to be parodied. And like any good parodist or shark they go after it.

I probably shouldn’t over-analyze it, but I really really like it. My subconscious knows what it means. It’s there just below the surface. My initial thought was that it could be used as a insult against astroturfers, against concern trolls.