I got an iPhone for Christmas and one of the cool applications I downloaded was Griffin iTalk. It’s a voice recorder. You can download what you record via an application you install on your computer. I’d intended to use it to record podcast interviews. Well the microphone is pretty darn sensitive and I have on occasion recorded animal sounds in the neighborhood. This is the first one that came out really well. I’m not going to id it till later because I wanted to give you all a chance to see if you can identify what kind of animal it is. I did process it a bit. I amped up the animal sounds and deamped everything else. It’s 42 seconds long.

I’ll give you a hint. The very last noise it makes will help you narrow it down.  Enjoy the animal sound.

I heard it this afternoon about 4 pm. I knew it was coming from the center median. There’s lots of cacti, brush and trees in the median. Anyway, I couldn’t see it. I started recording and walked towards the sound. Eventually I spotted it but then the creature had moved on.