Decided to drive home for the holidays. Spent last week in the DFW area with in-laws. Got to see some of my cousins, aunts and uncles there too. Drove to Tulsa today and spending the week with my family. Going to see some old friends. Then after New Years, it’s the long drive back to Tucson. We’ll probably take the southern route to avoid any bad weather. Holidays were good to us. Made out like a bandit for Christmas. I appreciate and use the stuff receive, but I have enough stuff and don’t really need much. Except for some new clothes. Being the sloth that I am and heavy eater I’ve put on the pounds again. I need to stick to an exercise regimen. Though what I really hope to find is a place to train in JKD in Tucson. No luck finding anyone that teaches the flavor of JKD I learned.

Even though there aren’t many who learn the art, there are four factions and politics. So though they are very similar and could most likely train with other students of other schools, I’d have to navigate the politics of that particular groups adherents. Anyway, I somewhat interested in learning ground fighting techniques. Not that I ever want to get knocked down in a fight, I need to be able to handle myself should that occur. The JKD I learned doesn’t deal with it. Though if I were good enough at it I wouldn’t have to worry about it.

The reason why I strayed into JKD in this post was I learned a lot of boxing maneuvers in my training and they are very useful fighting techniques. Bruce Lee borrowed a lot from western martial arts such as boxing and fencing.  And of course one of the names for the day after Christmas was Boxing Day. Which if I understand it correctly is a way to re-gift stuff you received that you didn’t like but you think someone else might.

The other thing that happened on Boxing Day was in 2004 when a quarter million people were wiped out by tsunami in the Indian Ocean.