As a former resident of the Great State of Oklahoma I thought we had the most embarrassing politicians in the nation in our Senators, James Inhofe and Tom Coburn. The only way you could tell which one was more embarrassing depended on which one was speaking. Then along came Michele Bachmann from the Great State of Minnesota. I really feel for you guys up there. She does have an Oklahoma connection. She got her JD from Oral Roberts University when they had a law school. They sold it to Pat Robertson’s Regent University, the one the Bush administration hired a lot of law grads from. The craziness of these politicians and googling them will turn up numerous examples of their nuttiness.

Now the entire state of Texas has gone bonkers with the probable exception of Austin. Yeah, I know it is the capital but the rest of the city is sane. The Governor of Texas has just out-crazied Sarah Palin and Bobby “We don’t need no steenkin’ volcano monitoring” Jindal combined. Rick Perry is making secessionist noises. He’s complaining the Federal government is becoming oppressive. Hey Rick, where were you the last eight years of the Bush administration, with their secret prisons, torture, spying on American citizens, imposing draconian travel restrictions and putting in place an onerous airport security and screening process? Seriously, what the fuck are you complaining about? Letting Bush’s tax cuts lapse on the top 1% of income earners.

It’s only been three months, folks, since the Republicans were out of power, and they are just going bugnuts, with their teabagging, and Glenn Beck lunatic ravings, and Sean Hannity lying, and Rush Limbaugh’s oxycontin addled screeds. Not to mention the largest gun buy spree in history when Obama won. How many of those gun buyers have lost their homes? How many of those gun buyers have lost their jobs? How many of those gun buyers are sitting idly in their pick up trucks listening to Hannity, Beck, and Rush on the radio? Let’s hope today all they are doing is teabagging.

We may have to contact the International Red Cross to send care packages to our friends and loved ones in Texas and to keep in contact with them if Perry’s Texas sized bullshit keeps up. We may have to have a Berlin airlift for Austin to help keep them free from the wingnuts. The Republicans continue to double down. I really feel for you guys in Wingnutistan. I hope the good people of Texas can recall him the way the Californians recalled their governor. Even if they did it for the wrong reasons. Texas, your governor is a total jackass.