So Sarah Palin has been listening to Joe Biden’s speeches since the second grade. That would have been 1972, the first year Biden was elected to the Senate. In 1972, I might have known three politicians: Richard Nixon, Spiro Agnew and Jim Jones (only because one of my class-mates dads worked for Tulsa’s representative at the time). And for a second grader that was pretty darn good. I know in the second grade I was more concerned about going to recess than listening to a politician.

I think Sarah was using hyperbole and implying she’s been paying attention to Biden for a very long time though not as far back as second grade. I can’t remember when I first became aware of Biden’s existence but it was probably sometime in the 1990’s. Another likely possibility is that she doesn’t give a flip about Joe Biden and just said what sounded like a good sound byte.

It’s interesting to watch how Sarah answers questions. She’s not giving meaningful answers to the questioner. She’s giving non answers that plays to her base. She says it the way she wants them to hear. And they can howl with outrage at how mean the “Liberal” media was to her. For playing to the ultrareligious neocon base, Palin was a good selection made for John McCain.