Across the street from the HR Giger Museum in Gruyères, Switzerland is the HR Giger Bar. In the summer of 2004 I had the good fortune to travel there. I’d scanned these pictures in once before and probably posted them somewhere on the Intertubes, but I don’t remember where.

Why Giger’s museum is in this village I have know idea. There’s a neat castle and a cheese factory as well. The castle tour at the time wasn’t one of the better castle tours I’d been on. The Castle of Chillon near Montreaux was much cooler. The cheese factory tour was amusing to say the least. Our English language narrator was Cherry the Cow.

Mel & I enjoying a beverage in the bar.

The museum itself was interesting. There was a room that had a warning sign and a curtain for a door. The warning sign said that this room had some of HR’s more ‘adult’ pieces of artwork. After Mel & I saw it and went on to the next room I remarked, “How is this different than the rest of the museum?” She agreed.

A funky Giger table in the bar.

Note— They had no Alien specialty drinks like say a Ripley, Chestburster or a Facehugger.