The year is officially a quarter over. Where does the time go?

Tomorrow is April 1, 2010. In some parts of the US it’s already April 1. Haven’t decided what April Fool’s Joke I’m going to do. I’ll have to be creative because everyone is expecting it. I may have to do a double reverse trick.

I don’t remember all of their names, so I’ll make some up for the ones I can’t recall. This happened when I worked at Domino’s Pizza way back in the early 80’s. Let’s call them Brent, Cindy, and Mike. One of the tricks we use to pull on new people was sending them back to the walk in cooler for dough patches. When you make a pizza you take the dough ball, dip it flour, and flatten it with your hands. Then you stretch it and sometimes spin it as well to get it to the right size to put on a pizza screen. Sometimes the dough tears. If it’s small you just pinch it back together and make your pizza. If it’s too large, you toss the dough ball and start over, though it’s rarely too large.

Well we’d been doing this trick for a while, “accidentally” tear a small hole in the dough and send the driver to get a dough patch. They’ll go and look and not find it. You can sometimes get them to go back a second time before they catch on. Tell them they’re behind the olives or something.

So Mike and I concocted the reverse prank. We told Brent, “Hey, let’s send the new girl, Cindy to go and get a dough patch.” Mike and I had made some fake dough patches and put them in the walk in cooler. So Brent, tears the dough and sends Cindy who doesn’t know anything about the joke, promptly finds the dough patch and brings it back up. Brent says, “What’s that?” She replies, “A dough patch.” And of course everyone has a big laugh at Brent’s expense.