I currently live in Tulsa, Oklahoma but am getting ready to move to Tucson, AZ in December 2009. I am a web developer though my primary job is as a web administrator. My language of choice is Python though I am familiar with PHP, Perl, and MySQL. My Linux distribution of choice is Ubuntu though I am familiar with Red Hat Enterprise and Fedora.

I have 3 years of experience with Zope and 2.5 years with Plone. And I have one year of experience with Django. I have 4 years of experience with WordPress.

I am looking for full time employment in Tucson and will be available starting January 2009. I My current employer knows that I am leaving. I would also be interested in doing consulting work and contract to hire or for contract work. If you are an employer or know a company that is hiring in the Tucson area, feel free to contact me my email address is chrislmerle [at] yahoo [dot] com or fill out the comments.

I’ve uploaded my resume with a list of my other skills relevant to programming, web development, and web administration. I received my BS in Computer Science from Oklahoma State University in 1996 and I have a minor in Russian. See Chris’s Resume (pdf).

Current skill set: Apache, Linux, CSS, HTML, MySQL, Python, PHP, PhotoShop, Zope, Plone, Django, WordPress.

Skills Matrix

Technical Skills Years Technical Skills Years Technical Skills Years
Linux/Unix 9 Python 2 HTML 10
Zope 3.5 Django 1.5 CSS 4
Plone 3 Apache 3 XML 3
PHP 4 PhotoShop 3 Electronics & PC Repair 12
SQL 8 Perl 4 Java 1
WordPress 6 C/C++ 3 Windows 11