Below is the old name of my blog. I haven’t bothered changing it yet, but I should. I’m just using my name now. I’m trying to keep this blog more professionally oriented. As my main job is as a WordPress consultant, I’d rather keep my personal stuff elsewhere like Facebook or LiveJournal.


Why ENTP? I’ve always wanted my own website and I had to think of a name for it. I thought about calling it maverick, but thought that might come across as being too pretentious. ENTP is a personality type as described in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).You can read the Wikipedia entry for all the gory details.

Yes, I’m a Johnny Come Lately to the world of blogging. And until recently I haven’t had much interest in it. I’m more taken with podcasting. WordPress is just a darn nice blogging tool and can be used as a poor man’s CMS. WordPress can be used for creating a podcast feed.

I’ll be testing the blogging waters and see what comes of it. Should you come across this, don’t expect anything earth shattering or profound. Nor should you expect stellar prose. Actually, don’t expect much of anything. So, read it if you are really, really bored and honestly don’t have anything better to do. God knows I do. Like drinking beer.

Note the picture was taken on the Isle of Skye in August of 2005. It is one of the Red Cuillins, Marsco.

Update – I have replaced the picture of Marsco with a picture of the trunk of a paperbark maple I took at Denver Botanical Gardens in August 2008.
You can contact me via email: chrislmerle [at] yahoo [dot] com.