So I'm a web developer and mostly set up WordPress websites for individuals and small businesses. I help them to maintain them, but my clients manage their own content. It requires very little programming on my part. I'm in the process of working more with Django which is a web framework. However, it requires more programming on my part which is what I want to do. Django can be used to build WordPress like websites. It also gives me more flexibilty to build what I want.

In order to do this I need to change my development methodology. I'm currently working my way through Test Driven Development With Python (Using Django, Selenium, and JavaScript). I've done enough of it that I'm going to give a book review and demo to my local Python user group tomorrow. My presentation is more or less ready. I need to review my slide show, tweak it if necessary, and make sure all the development environments I've set up the demo at various stages works.

I'd like to be able to do a chapter a day in the book, but chapters vary greatly in length. I can sometimes do two or three chapters in a day or one chapter over two or three days. This is not a book to breeze through. It requires more patience than I'm giving it. It'll pay off in the end, just a little longer than I had planned for. By using the methodoligies and tools outlined in the book I can be more rigorous, document my projects better, and deploy them more easily. Also, as the projects are written in Python they'll be easier to read, maintain, and modify.

My goal is to convert my own WordPress website to Wagtail which is a content management system based on Django. It still requires programming, but it's a matter of assembling and testing all the pieces then moving my content. After, I see how that goes, I'll set up some starter Wagtail projects for future clients. In the meantime I'll keep plugging away at the book tutorials.