In space there is no up or down, but when presenting an image from space which is going to have a bigger impact?

I think the way the human brain works the image on the right has a bigger impact. Our brains either evolved to see things with the horizon below or have been conditioned to do so since birth. So what are we looking at? This image is from a series of images recently taken by Cassini. It was doing a close flyby of Enceladus and as it flew past it caught sight of the geysers backlit and then Titan hove into view. Between Enceladus’s horizon and Titan are Saturn’s rings. Here’s a bigger version of the image and click on it to embiggen.

To see more images from the sequence including the geysers and details check out these two blog entries:

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I must say these images are absolutely stunning. I’ll even use the clichéd adjective jaw dropping to describe them.