So this post will be a little more political than most. Elena Kagan was not my first choice from President Obama’s shortlist of SCOTUS nominees. Diane Wood would have been the best. Elena is probably the most centrist if not slightly right leaning choices Obama could have made. Of course the Republicans and the rightwing pundits will portray her as some crazy socialist lesbian without judicial experience. They are calling her Obama’s Harriet Miers. No Harriet Miers was the Sarah Palin of judicial nominees. Totally unqualified. This is almost as laughable as calling the BP Gulf Spill Disaster, Obama’s Katrina (Note- the right can call it Obama’s Katrina when he lets 1800 people die through negligence). The last Justice to sit on the SCOTUS who’d never had a judgeship before was Chief Justice William Rehnquist. Chief Justice Roberts sat on the bench for only 2 years before becoming CJ.

It wouldn’t have matter who President Obama nominated. The Republicans were going to object and try to sabotage the nomination. If Kagan is gay. So what? I would actually welcome an openly gay Justice. No one openly questioned Chief Justice Roberts’ heterosexuality.


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