I consider myself above average intelligence, but I know if I were really smart, I’d be stinking rich. And I’m not. Sometimes I make mistakes, dumb mistakes or even say dumb things. It annoys me when people think they are smarter than me or they are better at debating. Sometimes I’ll play stupid to annoy them in return. Anyway I got into an argument over on Twitter and can’t vent about it on Facebook because the same people I argued with are on both. So I’m coming here.

I’m going to talk in vague generalities and not the specifics of the debate. I think what bothered me was really the age difference. I did make one mistake in assuming that most people shared my opinion of this one company who make awesome products but hate the way they operate. So I end up defending another company that I really didn’t want to defend and didn’t know the full details. Anyway this much younger person was trying to make a false equivalence and trap me with my own logic. I wasn’t taking the bait. I know I probably did something similar when I was there age. I can take comfort in knowing that they’ll probably be on the other end of a debate like this when they get older.

I did get more details and decided that the what the other company did was questionable and the courts would determine if what they did was illegal.