A selection of my recent tweets within in the last 24 hours @clm122704. I decided not to put time stamps but the one at the top is the most recent:

RT @ryking: “Cheney Threatens to Further Isolate Republican Party:” http://is.gd/Og28 // Oh, please, please, please, please, PUH-LEAZE!!!!

Everyone needs a coffee table book (1/2 the size of an actual coffee table) on tractors http://twitpic.com/6lz71

Oh noze! Now teh gay penguins are hurting traditional marriage http://bit.ly/12G5Se Damn you, Iowa! Damn you to Nebraska!

RT @markosm: Hannity loses head, claims Obama has declared America a “Muslim nation”. http://bit.ly/dK4Ud // #assclownalert

RT @dmf71: The Common Link Between Writers & Mental Illness http://tinyurl.com/pfjf8q #writing

Commuter dogs in Russia http://bit.ly/137kVi

Teh stoopid. It burns! Glenn “Assclown” Beck & Jonah “Cheeto dust inhaler” Golberg verbally ejaculate http://bit.ly/IY5hW #tcot #p2

I wish they made giant gerbil wheels to burn off excess energy for small dogs and children.

Twitter as a venue for male bonding? http://bit.ly/27XPn

WWJS – Who would Jesus shoot? Would Jesus have walked up to Dr. Tiller in church and gunned him down?

Yes. No. No. No. Yes. Maybe. Yes. Maybe. Maybe. Sure, why not. http://bit.ly/K69df