It doesn’t take long for me to find Headlines To Piss You Off when surfing the intertubes. Now some might think that I hate the former administration and the Congressional Republicans still in office. No. I hate what they did and are doing (or not doing).

Summary of the following story Bush took a crap on the front doorstep of the White House before he left, metaphorically that is.

Bush Faithful Rewarded With Jobs
On the Way Out, He Placed Aides and Big-Money GOP Donors


The Job Market is Collapsing

And speaking of which, since this is the Great Depression 2.0, shouldn’t we call them Hooverville 2.0’s? Though I’m thinking Bush-Gramm-ville 1.0 might be more accurate.

Welcome to Hooverville

This headline may seem a tad overly dramatic, but the video is a bombshell. The video is found in both of the next headlines. Also the second one has more details.

USA was 3 hrs away from Economic, Political Collapse in September 2008

The One Jaw Dropping Video that Every Fool Must See



And if you have any doubts as how the Republicans plan to behave over the next two years, let this clear that up right now.

GOP, Like Rush, Sees Hope in Failed Stimulus

In case you’d forgotten about the ‘Hey you got salmonella in my peanut butter’ incident.

House hearing to focus on peanut executives