About that Great Depression 2.0 on its way. We have people. We have resources. What we don’t have is a sound financial system. In fact it’s still collapsing. Is it time to develop a barter economy? Is it time to plant a vegetable garden? Is it time to learn canning? Is it time to learn how to sew? Is it time to learn how to conserve?

Biggest job loss ever for retail sector Retailing may never recover fully as consumers begin to save again


Republicans tell us that the Earth is flat, black is white, and wrong is right.

Republicans’ Latest Talking Point: The New Deal Failed
(I hope the AARP sends commando walker squads of Depression survivors to give them what for.)

Summers: Mitch not in “strong position” to lecture Dems

Conditions at Gitmo are worsening? Could be one of three possibilities. 1) Disinformation by Republican operatives. 2) Gitmo operators deliberately making things worse (even through negligence) 3) I don’t know but Obama needs to tell them he’s tired of their motherfucking shit.

Gitmo: Conditions worsening since election

I cannot believe we re-elected Inhofe. I cannot believe my fellow Okies were that goddamned stupid. I don’t understand why some people enjoy being willfully ignorant.

Right-Wing Senators Praised ‘Humane’ Conditions At Gitmo During 50-Detainee ‘Mass Hunger Strike’

Bipartisan to Republicans means, ‘My way or the highway’.

Uncompromising Conservatives Blast Obama For Failure To Act In Bipartisan Fashion»

And if you aren’t still pissed off about the Dec. 22, 2008 coal slurry spill in Tennessee, you should be. It’s 48x larger than the Exxon Valdez spill.

America Realizes: ‘Coal Makes No Sense In This Day And Age’