We are in Tucson until Tuesday. I’ve posted a few more pictures of the house, a few pics from the Tucson Celtic Festival, and a few more critters. You can click on any image to see a larger version of them. The largest images are at the bottom.

This will not be our permanent home. We will be renting until we can find a location that we really like. It’ll give us time to be thorough. Tucson is a great buyer’s market, but terrible for the sellers. More people in Arizona are upside down on their mortgages than just about any other state.

We are very lucky to be able to stay here. You can click on any of the images for a larger version.

another view of house

Another front view of the house.


Not that we were interested in having a pool, but this property does have one. Talk about conspicuous consumption in the desert.

family room

Here’s the family room with a beehive fireplace. You’d think you wouldn’t need one in Tucson and for the most part you don’t, but since this is in the desert it can get cold at night.

backyard view north

This is the view from our backyard. The dog won’t enjoy it, but he might go for a swim in the pool.

Critter and festival pics below the cut.

Tucson Celtic Festival

caber toss

An athlete getting ready to toss the caber.

Tucson Celtic Festival

The Tucson Celtic Festival is held on the Rillito Raceway Park.

Round The House

A local celtic, band, Round The House. We enjoyed their performance.

Seven Pipers

Seven Pipers, One of Tucson’s pipe & drum bands.

Mel playing flute

Melissa competing in the beginner musician competition. She didn’t want me around because it would make her nervous. So I stayed out of sight and managed to sneak a picture of her.


Higher res versions when you click on these images.

Muriel's grandson Cole

This is my Gaelic teacher’s grandson. We ran into Muriel and Cole at the festival. He definitely looks the part of a little Scottish boy.

Desert Cottontail

There were a lot of critters around both the house we will be renting and the house we are staying at in the foothills. This is a Desert Cottontail. I think the abundance of wildlife had more to do with the absence of coyotes which I’m sure were around but not as plentiful.

Gambel Quail

I guess Gambel quail just don’t like photographers. Here’s another trio running away. Maybe they were celebrities in a previous life and had flashbacks to being hounded by paparazzi.

Gila Woodpecker

I think this is a Gila Woodpecker.

Cactus Wren

Last shot. A Cactus Wren.

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