November 5th will be a day to remember. It’ll be the day after the election and if we are very lucky we’ll know who won the presidential election. I knew that the campaign would get uglier the closer it gets to the election. And it has. An actress who played Ann Coulter in a bit part in the movie W died after after a severe beating. Was the attack politically motivated? I don’t know. It could have been a random coincidence. A woman faked an attack by an Obama supporter. She has confessed.

If Obama wins, Republicans will be crying voter fraud. If McCain wins, Democrats will be crying voter suppression. The difference is that voter fraud is done by individuals and voter suppression is an organized effort to prevent large numbers of voters from casting ballots, usually minorities. The voter fraud that the Republicans are crying about now is actually registration fraud, but they are being disingenuous about it. ACORN hires people to register voters. They are required to turn in all registration forms even if they are considered suspect.

Remember the attorney firing scandal? Well the Republicans made the same charges of “voter fraud” and when those attorneys appointed by George W. Bush couldn’t or wouldn’t find this alleged voter fraud, they were fired.

I will not be surprised to hear more reports of racially motivated attacks over the next nine days. I will not be surprised at conservative and “independent” pundits making claims that the Democrats have become unhinged.

There is nothing I can say to my friends and family who plan to vote for McCain, that will convince them Obama will be better for America. Some of them think he will be a disaster. They don’t believe the last eight years have been disastrous with Bush & Cheney. There have been willing Democrats who have enabled them. Rightly or wrongly the only the only thing that can prove the Republicans in charge aren’t totally evil is if Obama wins, is inaugurated and serves most of his first term as president.

Well, that didn’t take long. AP is reporting that the: ATF disrupts skinhead plot to assassinate Obama (and 102 other people who just happened to be black). This is not the first foiled plot.