I saw two clips of Sarah Palin yesterday. Both are from Katie Couric’s interview. She made Sarah look like a complete lightweight. Let me repeat that so it can sink in. Katie Couric that heavyweight paragon of journalism made Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska and VP candidate, look like a complete lightweight. The other clip Ms. Palin did her best to channel Bush on why Iran was the bad guys and we were the good guys, only slightly more articulate.

If you watch these clips, try not to blink or wince or cringe or run screaming out of the house yelling “We’re dooomed…dooomed I tell ya… if she becomes President!”

Couric 1: Palin Talks Russia With Katie Couric (VIDEO)

Couric 2: Palin’s Bush-like Interview: Foreign Affairs Is Good v. Evil

I thought the reason why the McCain campaign was controlling the presses access to Governor Palin was so she could bone up on foreign policy for her debate with Joe Biden. She’s went to the UN and met with Kissinger and Uribe and Karzai. It was like the Model UN in high school, only for real.

Speaking of the debate Dahlia Lithwick over at Slate.com has excellent advice on how Biden should debate Palin.

After seeing those clips I feel I need to watch something uplifting. Like Fargo. Yeah!

Update: I just saw another painful to watch clip of Sarah Palin from Couric’s interview embedded within this TPMtv video of John McCain entitled The Dog Ate My Debate. After watching it all I want to know is what is wrong with John’s eye?

Update II: Sarah is the gift that keeps on giving. Watch
Jack Cafferty Tells Us How He Really Feels About Sarah Palin.