Conestoga is Tulsa’s “literary” science fiction and fantasy convention is over for yet another year. I had a great time, but didn’t get to see much of the con. I spent most of the time in the podcasting room during the day Saturday and Sunday. I’m the podcaster you see. I got a lot of great interviews. And I’ll be posting them on the Conestoga website over the next few months. Elspeth Bloodgood did a great job on the podcasts I asked her to host. I owe her a beer.

Next year, I’ll do fewer podcasts so I can see more of the con. I had no problem doing them. At my last one of the day I was setting up to my last interview of the day Saturday. It was one of the bigger name guests. And he/she/it asked me basically if I did this all day. I said, hang on a second, and I’ll tell you my secret. I had to take care of something real quick before answering. I then said I used to work in a call center and talked all day long to people I didn’t want to. Now I get to talk to people I want. (OK that was written awkwardly, but you can figure it out if you read it again several times, but is probably not worth the effort).

As for the convention itself, if the fans and guest don’t notice any problems then it was a good con. Alas, there were a few noticeable glitches, but overall it was a good con. I only had two beers the whole con though I probably drank 4 or 5 hurling monkeys. I’m not sure I want to know what was in them. Tasty as they were they didn’t have enough alcohol in them for me to get blottoed.

I’m not sure if my master plan worked. Only the next few months will tell. Paul Fischer of the Balticon Podcast inspired me to do a convention podcast and thus the Conestoga Podcast was born. We are the second con to do them. I searched and searched and searched the Internets and could not find another science fiction or fantasy convention other than Balticon’s. There are lots of sci fi related podcasts out there. Oh, my master plan.

I want to spread the Gospel of podcasting to mid-America fandom. Podcasting is still so new that most people give you a blank stare when you bring up the subject. It really is a great tool to promote a convention. I interviewed guests who would be attending beforehand and I interviewed guests at the convention.

I’m sure I’ll have more to say later. The question is will I write it in my f***ing blog.