The unholy trinity that affects the US are fundamentalists, oil, and debt. When you read American Theocracy by Kevin Philips, each becomes scarier than the next. Debt by far is the biggest threat facing America, public and private. I then thought of the old adage ‘follow the money’. Lo and behold I found it.

Oil is paid for by US dollars (petrodollars) on the international market. Iraq was preparing to make the switch to using euros for oil in 2002. Iran is preparing to make the switch to euros. The Iran Oil Bourse was supposed to go online in March of 2006. It’s now been pushed back to Sept. 2006. The question is will it go online at all or will World events intercede.

I really didn’t think ‘follow the money’ would turn up anything or give me a new perspective on the current Middle East crisis, but the threat of the switch to the euro seems to make some sort of sense out the madness the Middle East is descending into. And where else outside of the US can you find more fundamentalists, not to mention oil?