I will be attending my 3rd Pycon. The first two were in Dallas, TX and this one is going to be in Chicago, IL in March. I’m really excited about going. I’m registered and ready to go. Right now I’m brushing up on my Python. I’ve learned several computer languages on my own: Perl, PHP, and now Python. I’ve also had training in Powerbuilder and WebObjects. I can’t say that I’m a big fan of Java or .NET but they each have their place. I feel the most productive in Python. I’ve learned Zope which is not a good intro to Python. Python has a gentle learning curve but Zope doesn’t. I’ve also learned and set up a Plone site. As an open source CMS, it is one of the best. I’ve started learning Django and implemented a couple of apps in it. It’s easier for me to get up to speed on mainly because of my experience with using and tweaking WordPress which is in PHP.

I’ll have more rantings about my interest in web development later.