As humans reach the carrying limit of the planet, we are going down the food chain exploiting protein resources. The one resource that we have not exploited, at least not in the West, is insects. I’m sure if I were starving I’d eat grasshoppers and worms. I’d prefer not to. There are all sorts of arguments for eating bugs, nutritious and full of protein.

I read this short blog post today about using insects to replace fish meal. Why didn’t anyone think of this before? I have no problem feeding grasshoppers to pigs or chicken. Especially when the alternative is feeding them the leftover bits of pigs and chickens. I’m against high density feedlots. Of course we’d need to study how that’d affect the taste of the meat, but I would imagine there wouldn’t be much of a downside. Using insects as feed keeps us from eating directly down the food chain. There are people who advocate eating insects. This I find a reasonable compromise.