I don’t know even know why I’m writing this post, but I’m going to use some strong language.

I’ve decided the Internets are a good thing. These tubes expose nuttery at record speed. No I’m not talking about Roswell aliens, global warming deniers, 9/11 conspiracy buffs, or even Illuminati. I’m talking about reptilians or reptiloids. Apparently youtube has exposed this sinister plot that there are reptiliacs among us. Just do a youtube search for reptilian.

How did I come uncover this? Glad you asked I was watching a video on how Fox News shows tits and ass on all their shows. I thought I was watching a Girls Gone Wild commercial. And I looked at the sidebar and saw this thing about reptilianids. So I clicked on it. I thought what the fuck is this shit and clicked on a few more.

There are three possible explanations. 1) These people are retarded and they watched too much V. 2) Brain parasites are causing these bizarre delusions. 3) Crab People want us to think that their are reptilite humanoids (see South Park) . I base all of this conjecture on absolutely nothing and just wanted to share the most bizarre thing I’ve come across the Internets lately. OK well the story about the preacher who suffocated in a wet suit in his living room with a dildo up his ass was a little more bizarre.